If you are doing a new build and looking for aluminium joinery, then you have come to the right place. The Window Factory works directly with the homeowner or the builder / developer to come up with a cost-effective solution for each unique project. There are a variety of products in the APL range to choose from. Working directly with the salesperson at the Window Factory is the best way to make sure you are the correct aluminium joinery for design of the house and budget. The Window Factory are manufacturers of FIRST Windows & Doors aluminium joinery from APL. The joinery is manufacturers in Penrose, Auckland where our showroom is also located. 


Residential Aluminium Joinery FAQs

I am not sure which suite of joinery to use for my new build?

It is best to discuss your requirements with one of our specialist salespeople. It takes years to learn the difference between all the products, let our helpful team assist you with your requirements. 

Do you supply thermally broken and low e glass to meet the latest H1 targets?

Yes, we can manufacture to your requirements in either thermal break or standard joinery and double glazing or low e with argon gas. 

Can I do a mixture of residential and architectural products?

Yes, we recommend using residential joinery where you can to keep the costs down and upgrade where you need higher specification products to do what the residential series can't achieve. 

Do you recommend anodise or powder coat?

We love the look of anoidse and are happy to work with either however based on experience you are best to use powder coat if you can achieve the look you are after as anodising is reactive to masonry builds and is no abe to to be matched to steel flashings and products unlike power coat. 

Discover Our Hardware Solutions

We offer four distinct ranges - Urbo, Miro, Icon, and Elemental - each featuring a hardware selection tailored to complement various window and door formats, all designed to match your unique style.


Discover our options for different colours and finishes

Product is available in a large range of Dulux Powder Coat colours as well as anodise finishes.