Most doors, both external and internal, are hinged and can be made from a variety of materials. Hinged doors are the most common type of doors used today.

Whether it’s the front door of your home or business, a casement door, the doors of a wardrobe or cabinet, your interior or exterior doors, it’s likely they are hinged doors. There are loads of options when it comes to finish, opening side, and material.

FIRST™ hinged doors have clean cut, square-edge stiles and wide top and bottom rails for a superb visual effect. The rails can be further widened for a more traditional deep-rail appearance. Square cut rails and hidden compression blocks at the corners provide strength and stability.

What are hinged doors?

A door that has been affixed to a door jamb with at least two hinges is a hinged door. A hinged door works on the mechanism that allows the door to swing to one side, with limited pivoting movement.

When to use hinged doors

Some factors to consider when you are deciding on whether to use hinged doors, include space, where the door is going to be, and its use. Hinged doors need floor space to open, whether it is inward or outward, left or right hand opening. A wardrobe or cabinet in a small room or kitchen may require more space that you have if you choose hinged doors. But for an aluminium entrance door, or a casement door, hinges are a good choice. Our aluminium doors come in a variety of sizes and finishes.

Hinged door configurations

Single as well as bifold and trifold configuration options are available. Since hinged doors harness gravity to work, hinges are placed higher on the door, usually with a distance of 10 to 11 inches from the bottom and 5 to 7 inches from the top of the door. Depending on the heft of the door, it will have additional stronger and sturdy hinges to support its weight, and tall doors require more than the minimum two hinges as well.

Framing and glazing options

There are quite a few different options when it comes to glazing and framing. We offer standard aluminium framing as well as ThermalHEART framing, which provides additional insulation. Glazing options include single glazed, double glazed and low-e glass, which you can choose based on whether it is a casement door, entry door, or interior door.

Colours and finishes available

We offer anodized and powder coated door finishes. 35 colours of powder coating and anodizing in 6 shades are available. For an additional charge, you can choose from 100 different colour options.

For more information about the FIRST door product range please refer to our brochure here.


Hinged Doors FAQs

How much do hinged doors cost? (interior / exterior)

Ready made internal doors can cost as little as $100, and run to $1000 each. External doors start at about $500 and can cost several thousand, depending on the type and style of door.

What does a front door cost?

A front door cost depends on the type of door. From standard doors that cost $500, through to premium doors that can cost thousands of dollars, there is a door for every budget.

What is the most common type of door?

It depends on where in the house the door is, and the style of the home. Internally, solid hinged doors from timber are popular. Back doors that lead onto decks and patios are often French doors or sliding and stacking doors. For front doors, aluminium doors offer security and great looks.

What is the best material for a front door?

It depends on your preferred style, the type of home, and your budget. Timber is attractive, although they can be expensive. Aluminium is inexpensive, strong and secure, and come in a range of attractive styles and finishes. Glass doors may present a security risk, and although they let light in, they also allow prying eyes.

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