Aluminium Windows in Auckland

Window Factory provides a wide range of aluminium windows for the New Zealand market. We supply the brand ‘FIRST Windows & Doors’ for windows and aluminium joinery, that conform to the highest expectations in both looks and functionality.

The FIRST range of windows set a very high standard, are strong, generously sized to ensure great aesthetics, and are functional in a wide range of homes and environments.

There are a range of upgrades and custom sizes available to suit large ‘architectural’ windows.

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Types of windows

Window Factory supply a range of different windows to suit most applications.

bifold windows layoutBifold windows

These windows are great for opening up large areas and creating better indoor-outdoor flow. Suitable for large openings, these windows create uninterrupted openings for great views and airflow.

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awning window layoutAwnings & casements

Awnings and casements are perfect for exterior walls which are exposed to weather and can benefit from additional security. They can be opened partly during the rain and are great for creating panels of floor to ceiling glass and can include passive ventilation.

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roof window diagramRoof windows

Roof windows are often used to increase the amount of light in your home. Creating additional ventilation is also possible, with partial openings and some rain protection.

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sliding window diagramSliding windows

Sliding windows are ideal for letting in plenty of light and air, in more space-constrained areas. Also suited to larger spans, large glass panels and narrow frames are great for maximising the view.

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What industries do we service?

We have a fully equipped team of specialist installers, who work across residential (new build & renovation), architecturally designed homes, commercial and industrial buildings.


residential door


architectural door


commercial building


industrial building

What areas do we service?

We service Auckland throughout the metropolitan area, from Orewa all the way down to Pokeno.

The benefits of aluminium joinery

  • Lower maintenance than wooden windows
  • Generally lower cost than wooden and uPVC windows
  • Stronger than uPVC and timber
  • Better aesthetics with slimmer appearance and higher glass surface area
  • Greater design flexibility than uPVC
  • Powder coating can be used to matched roof or other existing colours
  • Can easily be retrofit with double glazing

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ThermalHEART from FIRST Windows & Doors

cross section of door frame
Available with ThermalHEART technology for maximum thermal efficiency – in both the Residential and METRO Series.

ThermalHEART is an additional thermal insulator stitched into the core of the aluminium window frame to create a thermal break.

ThermalHEART provides comfort, warmth and health that help increase your family’s wellbeing.

ThermalHEART Features:

  • Up to 35% better thermal insulation than standard double glazed windows.
  • Heights of up to 2.1m for Residential Series & 2.4m for Metro Series.
  • Different colours on interior & exterior (dual colour) on the Metro Series.

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Aluminium vs Timber

Find out whether wood or aluminium window joinery is better for your Auckland project.

Which type are cheaper?

Aluminium windows are often cheaper than timber windows. Aluminium joinery usually starts from around NZ$350 per sq. m, compared with wooden joinery which usually starts from around NZ$575 per square meter.

Which windows require more maintenance?

Generally timber windows require more maintenance over the years than aluminium windows. Timber windows will need to be painted regularly, in order to protect the wood and last longer.

Which lasts longer aluminium or timber windows?

If painted regularly, wood has been known to outlast older, standard aluminium joinery. New coatings are constantly increasing the lifespan of aluminium framing, so it is now considered comparable to that of timber. Aluminium is also not susceptible to warping due to weather conditions, like timber is.

Which provides better insulation timber or aluminium?

Traditionally, timber joinery provides better insulation, but ‘thermally broken’ aluminium windows, like the one from FIRST Windows & Doors, are now providing thermal insulation approaching that of timber. When considering heat loss, double glazed aluminium windows will still perform better than single glazed wooden windows, so consider where to spend your money for the best energy efficiency.

Aluminium vs uPVC

The pros and cons of aluminium and uPVC window joinery for Auckland projects.

Which is cheaper?

Generally speaking, aluminium is cheaper than uPVC windows. Aluminium joinery usually starts from around NZ$350 per square metre, compared with NZ$500 per square metre for uPVC joinery.

Which require more maintenance?

Aluminium and uPVC are both considered low maintenance joinery when compared with timber joinery. Both aluminium and uPVC do not require regular painting in order to extend their lifespan.

How long do aluminium windows last?

All FIRST aluminium windows and doors come with a 5-year guarantee but are known to last for several decades. Aluminium does not suffer from the risk of UV damage, sometimes seen in the lower cost uPVC products, especially under the harsh New Zealand sun.

Which provides better insulation uPVC or aluminium?

While uPVC joinery provides better insulation than aluminium, ‘thermally broken’ aluminium window technology, like that from FIRST Windows & Doors is now providing far superior thermal insulation. The window surface area is significantly larger than the frame, so the most effective way to increase thermal insulation is through the use of double glazing, low-e glass or even triple glazing.

Aluminium windows NZ prices

How much do aluminium windows cost in NZ?

Aluminium windows (glass & frame) range from around $200 to $1000 per square metre depending on the type of glass being used. Single glazing is less expensive, whereas double glazing, low-e glass, or soundproofed glass cost more.

How much do double glazed windows cost in NZ?

Aluminium double glazed window prices usually start from around NZ$300 per square metre. Which means for an average-sized home with 100m square of glass, it will cost approximately NZ$30,000 for double glazing.

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