A conservatory is a way to add a unique space to your home bringing a light airy addition that brings indoors the atmosphere of being outdoors. Your conservatory can be a dining room, den, garden room, sun room, home office and more.

We can work together with you to design and build a conservatory to compliment the style of your home.

The wall system of the conservatory is constructed from the latest technology aluminium joinery profiles which can be double glazed and thermally broken if required. Opening sashes can be awning, casement or sliding.

The roof can be constructed from thermopanel solid insulating sheet, or double glazing to maximise the suns warmth for the winter.

The structural integrity of our conservatories are proven in wind test booths and specific design calculations by a registered engineer are part of our presentation to councils for permits where this is a requirement.

Types of Conservatories

Lean-To, Gable, Edwardian and Victorian are the main types of conservatories that we design and build for the Auckland conservatory market,

Most popular being the Lean-To conservatory as Auckland houses usually have low eves making it the best choice conservatory design for existing houses.

3D CAD drawings

Customers can get CAD drawings and a 3D rendered fly through of their conservatory available at a cost before the manufacture of the conservatory to get idea of how the conservatory will look on your home.

If you wish to have this service please discuss your requirements with your sales person.

Showroom with Conservatory Designs

Come and have a look at some different conservatory designs at The Conservatory Centre, 57 Waipuna Road, Mount Wellington, Auckland 1060.

Here you will be able to experience what it is like with different types of conservatory roofing including thermal panelled roof vs glass and skylights.


How big can a conservatory be without planning permission?
According to Schedule 1, section 42A of the Building Act, you are exempt from needing building consent if the work you are doing is to enclose an already existing veranda, patio or a similar structure to create an enclosed porch or conservatory. This is given that the floor area of the enclosed space does not exceed more than five square metres. If you have an existing veranda that is about 15 square metres, you can enclose a portion of it (5 square metres) to create a conservatory without requiring building consent.
How much does it cost to add a conservatory?
To add a conservatory to your home, the cost could range from $6000 to $10,000 or go up as high as $80,000. On average, the cost is around $30,000. There are many factors that affect the cost like the size of your space, the materials you choose, building regulations and labour charges.

If you’re looking to add a lean-to conservatory, the cost will depend on the height of the glass you decide to install. Full height glass conservatories are less expensive than those with dwarf walls.

If you choose to take on the project yourself instead of hiring a builder, you could cut the budget down. But this is not to be taken on lightly as you will need to know exactly what to buy, where to cut your exterior walls and you must still gain a building permit. If you attempt it without understanding the work and knowledge required for it, you may end up spending more than necessary.

What is a conservatory used for?
Today, adding a conservatory to your home can give you anything from a beautiful breakfast nook, a dining space, a sun room to a living room or a play room for children. Conservatories have plenty of natural light so this is a popular spot to set up a work station as well. It’s also an excellent place for growing plants.

In fact, conservatories were originally designed and added to homes to be indoor gardens. Since they are largely made of glass, they act like greenhouses and created the perfect environment for growing citrus fruit like oranges and lemons, or if you’re further south, an excellent tomato and capsicum space.

Do you need a permit for a conservatory?
If the conservatory that you are planning to build is under 5 square metres and is a free standing closed structure, you will not need a building permit. You also do not require a permit to convert a veranda, patio or porch that already exists and is part of a home that you own (as long as it is under five square metres).If the conservatory that you’re planning doesn’t meet these conditions, you can speak with a conservatory manufacturer and settle on your designs before obtaining a building consent.

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