Bifold doors come in an array of design and panel options, and also offer the largest opening space from all the door types available.

Our aluminium bifold doors are available for supply only, to be installed by an experienced builder, or can come fully installed by our in-house team of skilled installers. Bifold doors over 75kg will need site glazing, which will attract an additional cost if using your own builder as they don’t have the skills to do site glazing. Also, there can be logistical issues waiting on a glazier for site glazing.  It is recommended that you use the Window Factory installers who can undertake the installation of the bifold and include site glazing for you at no additional cost.

What are bifold doors?

Bifold doors are hinged, folding doors. They have multiple leaves that fold away, and are available in a number of configurations, which has given rise to them being referred to by the name concertina doors. The cost for aluminium doors will depend on the options you choose, across size, glazing options, framing and finishes.

When to use bifold doors

Bifold doors are a great way to blur the line between the indoor and outdoor areas, making them perfect for decks or patios to help create a beautiful open entertaining space. Aluminium bifold doors take up less space since they fold into .

Bifold door configurations

You can choose whether you want your bifold door to open outwards or inwards. We have a range of bifold configurations for you to choose from, see images below. We also offer lay-back or standard aluminium bifold doors. Lay-back is when a 1 or 2 panel bifold folds back 180 degrees against the wall.

Some important things to consider when selecting a bifold door are:

  • Configuration e.g. 2+ 1 or 3 one way
  • Suite of bifold as we have a selection available
  • Single glazing or double glazing or low e double glazing
  • Lay-back or standard
  • Standard aluminium or thermally broken aluminium 

‘Lay-back’ doors are available in 2-panel, 2+1, 1+2 and 2+2 configurations. This option is ideal for small outdoor spaces where the standard panels would be in the way allowing the doors to fold back against the exterior wall. Combination of layback one direction and standard panels the other direction is also available. 

(Images available here) 

Our sales people are very experienced in helping you choose the best configuration and model that best suits your purpose.

Framing and glazing options

Most bifolds are available in either standard aluminium or THERMALHeart, which offer additional insulation. Our bifold doors also come with the option of single or double glazing or low e double glazing.

Colours and finishes available

Our aluminium bifold doors in Auckland are available for customised painting in more than a 100 different colours, for the powder finish. They also come in six different shades of anodised aluminium.



Bifold Doors FAQs

How much are aluminium bifold doors?

The following prices are a guideline, for a full price you should contact us for a quote for your specific project.

• Supply only, a two panel bifold door that are 2000mm high and 1800mm wide are $3500 for single glazed, and $4300 for double glazing.

• Supply only, three panel bifold door at 2000mm high and 2500mm wide costs around $5000 for single glazing, and $6200 for double glazed.

• Supply only,  four panel bifold door is up to 2000mm high and 3600mm wide and costs about $6500 for single glazed and $8200 for double glazed.

What is the standard size of a bifold door?

The average height of a bifold door is 2000mm – 2100mm, however they can go much higher in our Architectural and Metro Series suites. Widths start at around 1600mm, this is because the width of the door panels are generally in 700-800mm increments. This can go up to 1000mm panel widths when using Architectural Series. You can choose from different panel configurations to suit your space. Bear in mind that the frame material and size will affect the cost of the door.

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