These stylish double doors give you a panoramic view, provide excellent insulation against the elements, and offer a certain romantic sensibility. French doors are a popular choice as exterior doors, allowing you to bring the outdoors, in.

FIRST™ aluminium french doors mirror the good looks of the hinged door and the bi-fold doors. The simple, modern look of the square-edge stiles is further enhanced by the clean overlap where the doors meet. French doors are ideal where wide access to decks or gardens is needed.

What are French doors?

They are hinged double doors that are predominantly made of glass hung in a frame, giving you a great view of the outside/room that they overlook. French doors originated in France as windows that were floor up, that one could walk through. So, they are interchangeably called French windows or French doors. They can open the entire width of the doorframe, making for seamless inside outside flow.

When to use French doors

You can use French doors to divide a large interior space, or to create two distinct rooms in your living areas. For example, if you have an undivided space for your dining room / living room, then installing French doors will help you create two separate spaces. Exterior aluminium French doors are the most popular, given that glass French doors give you maximum view of the outdoors they open onto, whether it is your balcony or backyard. Another major plus point of French doors is that they are highly energy efficient, especially if you choose double glazed glass.

French door configurations

French windows come in up to 8 panes of glass, and usually as pairs, or double doors with a frame. Configurations with even numbers – 2 panels, 2+2 panels, 4 panels and 6 panels are available. Any combination of the above can also be used for larger spans. French doors can either be swing in or swing out, but require more space than sliding doors.

Framing and glazing options

Aluminium French doors come with either standard aluminium framing, or ThermalHEART thermally separated framing, which affords greater insulation against the NZ winter. Choose from single glaze, double glaze or low-e glass glazing options. A popular choice is to have aluminium doors with double glazed glass.

Colours and finishes available

We offer powder coating in 35 of the most commonly asked for colours and can customise your French door colour with an additional 100 options for an extra cost. We also offer anodising in six shades, from clear to black.


French Doors FAQs

What is considered a French door?

A double door of light construction which is comprised mainly of glass that extends its length. They operate on hinges, that pivot for it to open either outwards or inwards, from the centre.

Why do they call it a French door?

Invented in France, they were originally created as double windows you could walk through and access an exterior space. It is the country of their origin that gives French doors their name.

How much are aluminium French doors?

At very minimum, a basic set of aluminium French doors in NZ cost about $800, installed. This can increase if you need more glazing options, different finishes or a unique installation.

Do French doors add value to your home?

French doors give you the option to divide a larger space into two, or also create a beautiful, panoramic view to the outdoors, when used as an exterior door. This adds value to your home, opening up the space and creating beautiful flow wherever they’re installed.

Discover Our Hardware Solutions

We offer four distinct ranges - Urbo, Miro, Icon, and Elemental - each featuring a hardware selection tailored to complement various window and door formats, all designed to match your unique style.


Discover our options for different colours and finishes

Product is available in a large range of Dulux Powder Coat colours as well as anodise finishes.

Elevate your Auckland space with durable, stylish aluminium French doors. Energy-efficient, customizable options available. Enhance security and aesthetics effortlessly.

Aluminium French doors are renowned for their versatility, strength, and low maintenance requirements. Crafted from high-grade aluminium, these doors offer exceptional durability, making them resistant to rust, corrosion, and harsh weather conditions prevalent in Auckland's coastal environment. Additionally, aluminium French doors are lightweight yet robust, providing excellent structural integrity while maximizing natural light and panoramic views of Auckland's stunning landscapes.

In Auckland's ever-changing climate, energy efficiency is paramount. Our aluminium French doors are engineered with advanced thermal insulation technology to minimize heat transfer, keeping your interiors comfortable year-round. By reducing reliance on artificial heating and cooling systems, these doors not only contribute to a more sustainable environment but also help lower your energy bills, making them a practical and eco-friendly choice for Auckland homeowners and businesses alike.