Why choose Bifold Windows?

Why choose Bifold Windows?

FIRST™ bi-fold windows are a bottom rollered bifold window system that allows the widest opening of types of windows. They’re ideal where homeowners or designers want to capitalise on views when the window is open, or create a unity between indoors and outdoors. Because bi-folds project outwards exercise caution in using them beside decks or walkways.

Configurations with even numbered panels are generally used for windows, eg. 2 panels, 2+2 panels, 4 panels and 6 panels.

While there is more metal in a bifold than any other product by choosing the appropriate type of glass, they are thermally efficient and keep the heat indoors during the winter.

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Bifold Windows FAQs

What is a bifold window?

A bifold window is a contemporary window design that offers you an unobstructed view of the outside. Framed panels are fixed adjacent to one another along a track which slide back when opened.  Each window panel is fixed to the other with hinges.

How do bifold windows work?

As you push the handles open, they fold outwards and arrange themselves in a neat stack at either end.

This gives you an unhampered view of the outside in addition to allowing plenty of breeze and sunshine into your space. Generally, between two and ten panels are used. Bifold windows are often favoured as a design tool to make a room look more spacious.

Where to use a bifold window?

A bifold window can be used anywhere in the house however there are popular area suh as the kitchen, living areas and also to enclose a deck creating an outdoor room.

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