When replacing your old timber and aluminium windows, we can manufacture and install to either keep the look and feel of your existing frames or go with a more contemporary design.
We can work in with all sorts of cladding including brick, weatherboard, concrete etc.

The customer has the choice of standard aluminium or thermally enhanced frames. The glass specification can be standard double glazed or upgraded to low e double glazing which there are a number of different products available.

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Replacement Aluminium Joinery FAQs

I have existing aluminium joinery, can I simply swap the single glazing out for double glazing?

There are several reasons why you shouldn't use existing joinery.
Chances are it is not made within the last decade or to would be double glazed already.

  • The joinery is likely old which means it may be leaking already. The glazing cavity is likely to be small compared to the latest joinery, meaning you can only fit a small spacer between the glazing, making it inefficient. 
  • The rubbers could be shrunk, letting in water and air. 
  • The existing installation may not have adequate flashings and waterproofing. 
  • New beads and sashes and sliding door panels will be required and the powder coating will not match, which means it is going to stand out against the old joinery. 

I don't have a builder, are you able to install the joinery?

Yes, we have teams of installers who do this every day.

There is some existing rot, can you fix this?

Yes, we can replace the rot at an additional cost. Or you can arrange a builder to replace the rot.

Can you replace my timber windows while keeping the look?

Yes,we can  either install inserts into the existing timber joinery or fully replace the joinery and then fit timber facings and sills to match what was there. 

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We offer four distinct ranges - Urbo, Miro, Icon, and Elemental - each featuring a hardware selection tailored to complement various window and door formats, all designed to match your unique style.


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Product is available in a large range of Dulux Powder Coat colours as well as anodise finishes.