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Sliding Windows

Vertical and Horizontal Sliding Windows

Sliding windows can create a sense of space and light. They make it simple to open and close a window with minimal effort and can provides a slim frame that does not protrude outward or inward. We offer both horizontal and vertical sliding window options which are ideal for when space is at a premium.

What are Sliding Windows?

Sliding windows open either horizontally or vertically, by run on tracks within the window frame. In order to provide space for the sliding window to move, it will always overlap with another window, either fixed or sliding. Although this does mean that the window is never fully open, it avoids the windows intruding on other space.

sliding windows around dining room

When to Use Them

  • Ideal where serveries to the outside are desired.
  • Often used above kitchen benches to avoid having windows protruding into the bench space.
  • Where no projections on to busy areas are wanted
  • Well suited to large spans
  • Useful for maximising views

Horizontal sliding windows are ideal where serveries to the outside are desired or where no projections on to busy areas are wanted. Often used above kitchen benches to avoid having windows protruding into the bench space, sliding windows are also well suited to large spans.

Horizontal Configurations

Standard options include windows with a single sliding panel (known as bi-parting) or two sliding panels meeting over a fixed pane in the middle. There is also the double slider where two panels slide past each other (known as stacking).

See First Sliding Window Configurations to see options.

sliding windows bright light

Vertical Options

An aluminium vertical slider is available as well as the all-glass Shugg slider. The FIRST™ double hung window has two surrounding frame options – one with a scrolled Edwardian appearance and the other with a clean, flat face for a more contemporary look. The alternative Shugg vertical slider consists of two counter-balanced panes of glass which slide past each other with no aluminium rails to obstruct the view.

Framing & Glazing Options

Sliding windows come in either standard aluminium framing, or ThermalHEART thermally separated framing, for increased insulation. Passive ventilation is also available with some framing options.

PLEASE NOTE: Thermal Heart is only available in horizontal configurations.

Sliding windows come with a range of different glazing options, from standard single glaze, to double glazing or low-e glass for increased insulation.

Colours & Finishes Available

All of our aluminium joinery, including sliding windows, can be anodised or custom painted, with a range of colours to match your exterior décor. Find out more about colour options here.


What is a vertical sliding window?
In a vertical sliding window design, you can move the window panel up or down to close and open it (as opposed moving it right and left as you would for a horizontal sliding window design). A vertical sliding window is kept open thanks to a ratchet device or a friction device. These can be made with timber or aluminium frames, depending on the style and look on your home.

Typically, there are two types of vertical sliding windows – single sash and double sash. In a single sash design, only one of the window panes can be moved up or down, the other remains fixed in its position. But in a double sash window design both can be moved and even cross over one another along their sliders.

How much does it cost to replace a sliding window?
The costs to replace a sliding window vary hugely depending on size, quality of the replacement, glazing type and existing issues within the house. On average, it can cost between $2500 and $3000 but all these prices are indicative only. For an actual cost, get a quote for a professional, who will ensure water-tight installation and a top quality supply of windows.
What is a shugg window?
Shugg windows are also called sashless windows. They are sliding windows that have an upper and a lower pane that overlap. There are no horizontal rails. They are favoured thanks to their open design which allows an unobstructed view. They open to two thirds of their width, providing you with a wide opening. Set on tracks, you simply have to slide them open or closed.

As shuggs do not have aluminium frames on their panels, they allow plenty of light and a view without any interruptions. This is excellent in terms of design and the appeal of your home. They can be installed with multi-lockable security features for safety. They look great both in contemporary and traditional spaces, ad can be designed to suit your architecture. If you just want to add some light to your space, the skylight doesn’t necessarily have to open. But if your skylight is installed close to your bed, make sure it can be covered with a blind so the sun doesn’t interfere with your sleep.


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