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Roof Windows and Skylights

First Windows™ roof windows and skylights provide an ideal solution when extra illumination and ventilation is needed. They come in a variety of sizes with both fixed and partially opening options available, no matter the pitch of your roof!

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When to use Skylights or Roof Windows

  • Use skylights to increase the amount of daytime light in your home.
  • Opening roof windows can provide ventilation and aid hot air escape from the room.
  • Help to provide an additional sense of openness where windows cannot.
  • Often used in deck roofs to increase fluidity between indoors and outdoors.

Roof Window Options

Opening and fixed roof window options are available and both feature Thermal Heart™ technology for superior insulation and thermal performance. The opening roof window allows high level ventilation and has options for electric or manual openers. Rain sensors can be used with the electric opener providing automatic closing if it rains.

Fixed overhead glazing is also available and can be built in a wide variety of designs, from small skylights to large glazed expanses. It’s ideal in porches and rooms that would otherwise be dimly lit.

Colours & Finishes Available

Roof window joinery can be custom painted in a range of colours to match your exterior décor. Find out more about colour options here.


What do you call a roof window?
Roof windows are outward opening windows that are designed to be part of the roof. Skylights are often called ‘roof windows’ although, traditionally, there is a difference between the two. The key difference is that while roof windows can be opened, skylights cannot. But these terms are often used interchangeably. Roof windows are usually bigger than skylights and are incorporated at the design stage, whereas skylights are often added later.
Do you need planning permission for a roof window?
On referring to Schedule 1 of section 42A of the Building Act, you will see that in New Zealand: Building consent is not generally required if you are planning work with regard to an exterior doorway or window (this includes roof windows) in an existing residence. This is given that the building (the or outbuilding) is not more than two storeys high. If you are in any doubt of these rules in your city, we strongly suggest that you visit your local government website or get advice from a professional such as a registered building surveyor, a chartered professional engineer or a registered architect.

What are the best skylights?
A skylight is a great way to have a view of the starry sky from your bed, to light up an otherwise dark room or just to get in some extra ventilation. To answer which the best skylights are, we need to take into consideration the purpose you want it to serve and the architectural design of your space. If ventilation is what you want, you should install one that can be opened and closed either manually or using a motor. If you just want to add some light to your space, the skylight doesn’t necessarily have to open. But if your skylight is installed close to your bed, make sure it can be covered with a blind so the sun doesn’t interfere with your sleep.
How much does a skylight cost in NZ?
Prices for a skylight install can start for as little as $600 plus installation. This is for a static window, with no window dressings. The costs increase from there based on the extras you want- motorisation, size, self-cleaning, remote-controlled blackout options, and double glazing.

However, if your aim is to add value to your home, then skylights need to be able to be opened. A basic opening skylight starts at $1000 + installation. Add another $1000 for full electronic control, although this may be non-negotiable if the window is a long way above the ground.


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