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Condensation on glass and joinery is due to two things.

  1. The amount of moisture in the air
  2. The difference in temperature between the window/door and the air temperature

To reduce condensation we can either address one or both of these points.

Changing from single glazing to double glazing will remove most of the condensation on the glass.

Upgrading to Low E with Argon gas will ensure further insulation and make it unlikely to have condensation on the glass in most situations.

If the home owner choses to use standard aluminium with double glazing the glass will have about a 20mm condensation area around the perimeter of the glass, this is because the glass is colder on the edge due to transfer from the aluminium.

When using Thermal Heart TM which is our thermally broken joinery with a warm edge spacer on the double glazing the aluminium is warmer and far less likely to condensate.

Note: It should be mentioned that different cladding systems will determine the success of thermal break joinery. For example cavity systems such as brick will not be as effective as one without a cavity as air can pass around the sides.

For houses that use a sill tray, the bottom of the window and door will not be as insulated as the sides and top. The home owner can choose to further insulate between the sill tray and the joinery if they chose. The sill tray is only a precaution and not part of the drainage system.

For more information on condensation and thermal break joinery please contact The Window Factory.

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