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Bifold Doors

Bifold doors will give you the largest opening of all the options available.

Your options for bi-fold doors are endless, and we can ensure you get a design and panel layout that suits your requirements.

The important things when selecting a bifold door are:

  • Configuration e.g. 2+ 1 or 3 one way
  • Model of bifold as we have a selection available
  • Single glazing or double glazing
  • Lay-back or standard

Our sales people are very experienced in helping you with the configuration and what model is suitable for your purpose.

The bifold doors can be purchased for supply only, to be installed by a builder with experience in installing bifold doors or installed by our in-house installation team who install joinery every day.

Please note that for supply only doors over 2m in length will most likely require site glazing at an additional charge.

Most builders are not skilled in site glazing so this cost is passed on to the customer.

It is recommended that you use the Window Factory installers then site glazing is at no additional cost.

‘Lay-back’ doors are available in 2-panel, 2+1, 1+2 and 2+2 configurations.

This option is ideal for small outdoor spaces where the standard panels would be in the way.

Most bifolds are available in either standard aluminium or thermal heart.

For more information about the FIRST door product range please refer to our brochure here.


How much are glass bifold doors?
Glass bifold doors or accordion style doors are priced per linear square foot. On average it can cost you anything from $700 to $1000 per linear square foot. This price can vary based on your requirements, the manufacturer/supplier you choose and the installation charges. Single glazing and double glazing can add to these charges. There is also hardware to be considered. Bifold doors are more expensive than French doors or sliding windows. This reason for this can be chalked up to the fact that they are much larger and offer you the largest openings of available door designs.
What is the rough opening for a 30 inch bifold door?
The rough opening for a 30 inch bifold door should be about 31-32 inches. Typically, to calculate the rough opening, you add two inches to the width of the door and two and a half inches to the height of the door. A rough opening is the framed opening of a door or window space. Calculating the rough opening is important so that you have enough room to adjust and fit the door in correctly. The actual sizes of doors vary from one manufacturer to another and this makes calculating the rough opening all the more important.
What is the standard height of a bifold door?
On average, bifold doors are between 77 -80 inches tall but the width of these doors can vary with a greater range. This is because the width of the door or the panels depend on the space that is available and the openings graduate in 24 inch increments. This can go up to 72 inches or more. You can choose from different panel configurations to suit your space. Bear in mind that the frame material and size will affect the cost of the door.
How do you adjust a bifold door?
Adjusting a bifold door is generally just about shifting them around until they sit back into place. First, identify the problem by trying to open and close it a few times. If the doors aren’t closing, they have probably just fallen out of alignment and need to be readjusted. You can adjust the hinges at the threshold (with an allen key). But if the doors have dropped or are dragging, adjust the height by the hinge bolts on the doors. All you have to do is extend the bolt (this will raise the doors) and then push it down until you get the right balance. Adjusting a bifold door is a matter of trial and error as different doors will have different designs.

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