Door TypesAre Bifold Doors Right for Your Project?

Are Bifold Doors Right for Your Project?

Bifold doors a modern and highly functional option for your current or upcoming home renovation, new construction or upgrade. They offer an unobstructed opening giving you more access to, and view of, the outdoors than any other door design. And that’s just one of the reasons you should choose bifold doors for your project.

Whether you are working on a new construction project or are in the process of renovating your current home, it’s an exciting time. But there are so many choices to make, from the big structural decisions through to the wall colour. One of the big decisions is choosing doors—and as well as functionality to consider, there is also security and aesthetics.

If you are considering bifold doors, you need to consider the mechanics of bifold doors, where they work best, why they are on the expensive side, the level of safety they provide, and the energy efficiency benefits.

Where can you install bifold doors?

Bifold doors offer unrestricted, expansive access between indoor and outdoor spaces, making them a popular choice for patios, decks and other outdoor spaces. You cannot beat the amount of access, sunlight (or moonlight) and ventilation that bifold doors provide. Bifold doors offer 90% usable space when they are open, which is double what standard doors can offer.

They aren’t just for indoor—outdoor flow though, as they come in handy to separate indoor spaces. Bifold doors are commonly installed between living and dining rooms, or the living room from the kitchen. When you want the space to feel free flowing and unrestricted, all you have to do is push open your bifold doors and your home’s functionality is increase. You open up your home, giving you more space to set up for a dinner, child’s birthday party, to create a dancefloor, or impromptu work space. Once you’re done, closing the doors mean a more intimate space that’s easy to heat.

Bifold doors are also a way to maximize space and access in smaller settings. For example, they work great for the laundry nook or pantry, as they only take up 10% of the space with doors open, giving you more to work with in those tight and cramped corners.

Are bifold doors secure?

Bifold doors are a safe option, as they have a multi-point locking system and also come with toughened safety glass. In fact, with these additional safety features, they are safer than your regular doors. Our strong aluminium construction gives the best security of any door material.

Do bifold doors need a bottom track?

Not necessarily – you can install bifold doors using a top hung system, and then you don’t require a bottom track. Many people believe the bottom track is essential for the proper functioning and alignment of bifold doors, but in reality, a top hung only bifold offers advantages such as a smoother folding out and greater flexibility of installation options. An angle bracket affixed to the floor and wall, which has a pivot pin installed, does the job well.

Are bifold doors more expensive than sliding doors?

Bifold doors are a more expensive option than sliding or French doors, but with good reason.

Our doors are regularly installed with multiple panels, to cover a larger area than many other doors can successfully cover. The amount of space they have to cover and what material and finish you choose will affect the cost of your bifold door. At Window Factory, we offer an array of configurations as well as colour and finish options for you to choose from, all of which will impact the cost.

But while they are more expensive to install, bifold doors offer benefits that other windows do not. They are designed to have less wear and tear, they require less maintenance and also have a long lifespan. This makes them a sound, cost effective long term investment.

At Window Factory, we also provide the right window panes and treatments to ensure that your bifold windows are thermally efficient and highly weatherproof. In addition, bifold doors have an aesthetic appeal which is sure to increase the value of your home or office, which makes the extra cost worth it.

Which are the best bifold doors?

Bifold doors come in uPVC, timber and aluminium. Aluminium is what the best bifold doors are made of. Being extremely strong, light, resistant to the elements, and easy to maintain means that aluminium bifold doors offer protection – against inclement weather, would-be intruders, while keeping your home cool in summer and warm in winter. Aluminium bifold doors also come in the slimmest of frames, making them unobtrusive and modern.

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