When designing a residential or commercial building, aesthetics are of utmost importance. While functionality is important, an architect wants to create a truly beautiful space. Let us take care of the functionality and quality of product, so you can focus on choosing the perfect window or door.

Windows are incredibly important, whether it is a home or an office. They provide light, the illusion of more space, fresh air and bring the outside in. No one wants to be cooped up in a windowless space – there’s a reason those corner offices with large windows are coveted. Kiwis love big windows, huge doors to outside living, and loads of natural light.

But these same windows are a disadvantage when it comes to energy efficiency and heating/cooling. Windows allow sunlight to flood inside in summer, making already hot spaces even warmer. And then in winter, they can allow warmth to escape. Historically, it’s been hard to strike the balance of aesthetics and functionality. What you need is an attractive yet energy efficient window, and this is where double glazed aluminium windows perform at their best.

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