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What are the benefits of double glazing?

The main reason why we use double glazing in most of our aluminium windows and doors is for insulation. It also does help with reducing noise but this is not the main reason for double glazing. In fact we can simply reduce noise by using the correct glass type rather than double glazing.

What is the cost of double glazing?

There isn’t a big price increase to upgrade from single to double glazing, on average it is around 20%. There is a misconception that double glazing must be twice the price as there is twice the amount of glass, but this simply isn’t correct. The installation cost, aluminium and manufacturing cost is the same regardless of single or double glazing. Value for money customers should always look to double glaze. Learn more about installation.

Can I double glaze my existing aluminium joinery?

You have the option of replacing the joinery with new double glazing or in most cases you can retro fit double glaze. There are a few issues with retro fit double glazing.

  • The beads that hold the new glass in are changed, this can look strange if the joinery is faded as 
they will not match.
  • The depth front to back on older joinery is narrower than the new models of joinery therefore we use a larger spacer between the double glazing. This increases thermal performance.
  • Older joinery such as bifold doors were designed pre double glazing therefore the hinges and rollers are not designed for the extra weight and stress that is put on them and can lead to failure.
  • The joinery is still old joinery and there is no warranty on joinery failure, while new joinery gets you a 5 year warranty.
  • If the older joinery is leaking in the mitres (corners) and or has no sill tray or cavity system then it is unlikely you will realise that there is a slow leak. Changing the joinery will fix any issues with the current joinery.

The benefit of retrofit double glazing is that it is cheaper than replacing the joinery and once the work is complete there is no additional painting etc. The cost of retrofit double glazing is roughly 60% of full replacement value.

Low E Double Glazing

For customers wanting to upgrade from standard double glazing we have 3 different Low E products available from Metro Performance Glass. These can increase the insulation performance up to 40% when used in conjunction with Thermal Heart TM.

Low E works by shielding the glass from radiation whether internal or external. What this means is that in the summer the heat from the sun is reduced so that the house is not as hot as using standard double glazing. It works in a similar way internally, heat is repelled back into the room instead of escaping through the glass.

For people who are concerned about too much reduction in heat during the winter, we have tested these products in our own homes and have no issues with this. During the winter there is enough heat coming through so that it is very comfortable sitting in the sun.

For more information on double glazing please contact our sales team.

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