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In many cases removing the old timber window may not be the best option. We can provide an insert window double glazed in either standard aluminium or thermally broken.

The benefits:

  • Cheaper to install
  • Keep your existing blinds
  • Doesn’t reduce the height to the floor
  • Keep your existing timber facings and sill
  • Architraves are not changed
  • Less painting and filling

Why use aluminium insert over timber?

For home owners looking to retro fit double glaze their existing timber windows you would be looking at a 6-8mm spacer between the glass. The benefit is minimal compared to aluminium where the glazing spacer starts at 12mm, larger spacers are available for different. While timber is thermally better than standard aluminium this is not the case when it comes to thermal break joinery. They perform very similar. Aluminium has the advantage of proper rubber seals unlike cheaper timber joinery and it does not warp in the weather like timber can.

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