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Why Choose Us?

Aluminium windows offer thermal benefits

Increasingly, customers are demanding environmentally conscious options. Part of the challenge in NZ is finding a product that manages the extreme variables that our harsh climate can throw at it. We have the very latest and best in insulation, with thermal treatments with ThermalHEART technology. Even with the best double glazing, heat can be lost through the frame. We use ThermalHEART, which is a nylon barrier inside the frame, providing an extra layer of insulation to keep the cold out, and the comfort in. These thermally broken windows offer a superior solution for any office, home or commercial build.

Expert guidance with years of experience

Our experts are here to work with you to find the perfect option to meet the needs of each project you’re working on. Commercial or residential, we have a team of experienced and talented staff that can help you find the perfect window solution. Window Factory have been in operation for over ten years—that’s ten years of flawless installations, being at the forefront of window technology, and getting the job done on time.

With a huge catalogue of products across dimensions, we know we can find the right fit for your project. We are always here to advise and provide assistance in picking the best technical solution for your project, from design stage through to installation. We work hard to ensure everything is perfect, on time, and achieves the look you need.

Contact us to chat about how we can help you design the most beautiful, eco-positive buildings. We want to create strong working partnerships that result in the best outcomes for your clients.

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