Energy efficiency regulations

Improved window performance requirements

The H1 Clause of the Building Code regulates the energy efficiency of wall, floor and roof insulation as well as the thermal performance of windows and doors. The government has put in place insulation targets, and in order to meet these targets, minimum specifications are required. The following considerations are made when you work with Window Factory.

Replacement joinery

As long as our solution has better insulation than what you currently have in terms of R-Value then any combination of frame and glass is allowed. This means the minimum is cold frame and double glazing.

New permitted work

Your architect will work out the calculation based on the total R Value of your house but as a general rule, most houses need to meet 0.37 (the minimum standard being non-thermal frames with a high-quality Low-E).

Any permitted work submitted to council requires Thermally Broken Frames and a high-quality Low-E.

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