Green home loans: What you need to know

A green piggy bank sits on a window sill.

Green home loans offer Kiwis finance to make eco-friendly or energy-efficient upgrades to their homes.

With the arrival of green home loans at most major banks you may be able to access an interest-free or reduced-interest lump sum to cover the installation cost of your double glazing.

Banks offering green home loans for double-glazing

Bank Maximum loan Set-up fee Interest rate Term
Westpac $50,000 $0 0% 5 years
ANZ $80,000 $0 1% 3 years
BNZ $80,000 $100 – $150 1% 3 years
ASB $80,000 $99 (may apply) 1% 3 years
Kiwibank Loan not available for double-glazing

Get in touch with your bank to ask how they can help.

The green home loan small print

  • To be eligible banks need you to already be a home loan customer.
  • Some banks need you to have at least a minimum amount of equity in your home (usually 20%).
  • An increased interest rate usually applies outside of the agreed term of the loan.
  • Some banks have an early repayment penalty while others offer flexibility to repay lump sums to suit you.
  • Most banks need to see a quote for your double glazing before they will approve your finance.

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