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Advantages of Aluminium Framing over Wood

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Durability, longevity and strength are key factors that an architect and builder will consider when choosing window framing materials. And aluminium ticks all the right boxes for homes in NZ.

It is essential to factor in local climate conditions when building or renovating a home. In most parts of New Zealand, the climate can be described as changeable, from wet and cold to windy and hot. Aluminium has proven itself strong enough to withstand these elements and can last for up to 30 years with little maintenance required.

Aluminium joinery offers a high standard of framing and several benefits over timber.

Aluminium is a budget-friendly option

Timber frames are more expensive than aluminium joinery and timber also requires regular servicing through the years to keep it in shape. This makes timber more expensive both to install, and in the long run. Aluminium is comparatively affordable and designed to last for years with minimal maintenance.

Tough and durable

Age and condensation can cause timber frames to warp, shrink, swell or even rot if left uncared for. On the other hand, aluminium joinery has been known to last for decades without a fuss. Lightweight and extremely tough, aluminium is more resistant to the elements than timber.

Offers better security

Despite its light appearance, aluminium has a higher strength-to-weight ratio (43 times that of wood) which makes it more difficult to penetrate or even to dent. It stands a much better chance against forced entry than timber. Double glazing, security glazing or installing multipoint locks can also enhance your security. Additionally, aluminium framing tends to be better at blocking out exterior noise than timber.

Easy maintenance for homeowners

The upkeep of a home can be time consuming and homeowners appreciate any option that can ease their responsibilities. Aluminium is a very low maintenance material. It is corrosion resistant and a good quality protective coating will boost its durability. All you need to do is give it a quick clean every few months to remove any dirt that may have accumulated.

Timber needs to be watched more closely and will need repeated coats of paint to keep it protected and in good condition. Unlike wood, aluminium will not attract termites or borer.

A versatile material

Aluminium has excellent machinability making it easy to work with, especially for framing. It is also manufactured in a way that allows it to be customised to suit your specifications. This enhances its adaptability and allows it to fit beautifully into a range of spaces.

A common issue cited by home owners is that aluminium doesn’t have the same appeal as timber. However, matching an existing design is easy because you have a very wide range of coatings and finishing options to choose from for your aluminium doors and windows.

Eco-friendly and easy to recycle

Aluminium is a non-toxic and easily recycled material. It can be melted down and reused indefinitely. In fact, it is said that about 75% of all the aluminium ever made is still in use. The recycling process only takes up 5% of the energy used during its manufacturing and the quality of recycled aluminium is the same as that of virgin aluminium. If the size of your carbon footprint matters to you, this is another advantage that aluminium offers. Furthermore, 94% of bauxite (from which aluminium derived) is mined in non-forested areas of the world.

Aids thermal efficiency

Aluminium windows with a thermal break improves energy efficiency drastically – even to the point where it rivals or betters that of timber. These aluminium windows can improve heat gain or loss by up to 60%, and it was the advancement of polyamide technology that contributed to this development. As a homeowner, this translates to much lighter energy bills.

Aluminium framing is commonly powder coated or anodised to give it a great surface finish and strengthen its ability to withstand the elements. This not only makes it excellent for cold and wet climates but also for the salty humidity of coastal areas. Incidentally, it also works well for hot temperatures as one of its key properties is non-combustibility which allows it to retain its form up to a temp of over 500°C.

Using aluminium for framing is a tried and tested approach that has proven to be more efficient, economical and long-lasting than timber framing options. Contact us for professional and secure aluminium framing installation. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and our excellent customer service.

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