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Sliding Doors

Sliders have earned a reputation as the most versatile and economical door type for access to deck and patio.

FIRST™ sliding doors offer strength and security with substantial aluminium profiles, and achieve quiet, smooth sliding through the use of a high performance roller system. Also available are multi sliders which open to two-thirds of their width so they are ideal for a wide opening to the outside.

For more information about the FIRST door product range please refer to our brochure here.

How much do sliding doors cost?
The answer will vary hugely, depending on what options you choose.

There are a range of styles to choose from, with timber or aluminium framing, single, double or even triple glazed glass, and a variety of sliding door types. A standard door height is 1980mm and 900mm wide. Doors can be made in other sizes. The following prices are a guideline only and for a full price, you should contact us for a quote for your specific project.

• Two doors that are 2100mm high and 1750mm wide are $4600 for single glazed, and $5200 for double glazing.

• A slightly wider three-door stacker at 2530mm wide costs around $6800 for single glazing, and $7700 for double glazed.

• A four-door wide sliding stacking door is up to 3430mm wide and costs about $8530 for single glazed and $9660 for double glazed.

How much does it cost to replace a glass sliding door?
Replacing a sliding glass door can be a challenging task. If there has been water damage to the surrounding area or if there are other technical concerns, this can cause budget blowouts.

There are also a variety of other factors to consider such as materials used, single or double glazing, sliding or stacking options, and if the door space is different to standard. If your home is in a high wind zone, then there may be a need for a higher-rated door which can add to the expense. Choosing the perfect replacement sliding door is easy if you contact the right people.

There are many styles available, allowing you to choose an option that looks great in your home and increases the value come sell time.

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