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Awning windows are tailor-made for New Zealand’s changeable weather – they push out from the bottom and thus can be left open and still provide some rain protection. They can be used in most positions but are not recommended where windows open on to a deck or walkway due to their projecting nature.

Casement windows are side opening to catch the breeze and direct air inwards. Like awning windows they can be used in most positions but are not recommended where windows open on to pedestrian areas. French casements can be provided with no centre post to obscure the view when open.

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How much does it cost for an awning?
There are huge variations for awnings, as you can get a range of sizes, materials, and motorised or hand-operated functions. No two windows, or awnings, are the same, so these prices are indicative only. In general, most people spend between $2000 and $4000 on the awning install. It’s dependent on the site, the kind of weather that’s prone for the area, if reinforcing is needed, and a host of other factors. Contact your local awning supplier for a personalised quote that gives you an accurate idea of a price for what you want.
How much is a retractable awning?
There are a huge range of awnings available, from the traditional canvas through to fully automated, top of the line options that have lighting and automated functions. Prices can start from $500m2 for a good quality, UV resistant shade that has a motorised winch. To get an accurate price for your home and situation, you need to get a personalised quote. The professionals may also advise on things that you haven’t thought about, such as the best material for the awning and technical requirements.
How much is an aluminium awning?
There are a range of different options for aluminium awnings, so prices will vary according to your site, style and technical considerations. For a standard, average-sized aluminium polycarbonate awning, prices range from $5900 to $7900. An alternative covering of PVC is slightly more expensive, with prices ranging from $6500 to $8500.

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